Founder and CEO

Greetings, Champions of Literacy! My name is Leah Allsop and I am the Reading Maverick. Born and raised in Brooklyn with deep roots in Atlanta, GA, I am an educator with close to 30 years of experience, having taught grades K-8 and holding a BS in Early Childhood Education and a MS in Teaching Reading from Long Island University. My passion for assisting learners began with my first paid job at the age of 10 as a reading tutor. That continued throughout high school and college, where I also served as a math tutor. 

I am a passionate educator and dedicated reading tutor with a deep commitment to helping students unlock the joy and power of reading. With nearly 30 years of experience in education, I have developed a strong understanding of the importance of literacy and the impact it has on students' overall academic success.

Driven by a genuine love for literature and a desire to make a positive difference in students' lives, I take a personalized and student-centered approach to my work. Recognizing that every learner is unique, I carefully assess individual needs, learning styles, and interests to create tailored lessons that engages, challenges, and inspires students.

Beyond academic success, my passion for instilling a life-long love for reading in my students is prevalent. I introduce captivating literature, encourage discussion and exploration, and foster a deep appreciation for the written word. With a genuine dedication to student success and a deep belief in the transformative power of reading, I am ready to guide and inspire students on their journey towards becoming confident, lifelong readers.

In 2023, I decided to focus solely on aiding learners in the area of reading. After years of being told the classroom was not the place to fill in gaps in the area of reading (and having learners before me with as many as six years of deficit), I decided to bring my knowledge of reading instruction directly to those that require it.

I am the proud mother of seven and grandmother of five. I enjoy growing my professional craft, spending time with my family, reading (of course), and vacationing.